Shopping list


The shopping solution is a comfortable and time saving way to make a shopping list. Probably the most critical and underestimated step in online grocery shopping.

How to make an online shopping list without getting bored? The most natural way of making a shopping list is by telling the system what you want in a way as if talking to another person. Even more exciting is the ability to add multiple products to the shopping list by one command. To make this possible Culios has taught the computer to understand spoken text about grocery products.

Wearables, like the Apple Watch, will boost natural language spoken type of information input. Their incredibly personal nature and constant connectivity will again change our behavior like the smart phone did. The Amazon Echo, also on the market, is a voice-activated virtual assistant. Echo is Amazon’s answer to Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. These are the latest signs that big tech firms believe our future involves talking to computers that can talk back. But none of these systems are specialized in grocery.

Our latest innovation is about adding products to the shopping list by using an Apple Watch. It is very easy and fast.


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